Resolved: Achieve authentic family worship

Contributed by Robb Brunansky

Family worship is something we’ve had mild success at in the past, but when life gets busy, it seems like it’s often one of the first things to get cut. This year, I’m determined to make sure that doesn’t happen. Here are a few things I’m doing differently this year to that end: 

  • Planning family worship that fits a realistic schedule. One of the primary reasons we have failed in the past to persevere in family worship is unrealistic expectations. Read more

Six Simple Sayings

Daddy Discipleship begins with six simple sayings. When spoken to your children daily, and discussed as opportunity provides, these sayings can transform your child’s perspective of who God is and who your child is in the eyes of God. Through a faithful application of the sayings, the child will begin to understand what it is that God desires of him or her and how he or she can bring glory to God through a life which reflects being made in His image.