The Gift of a Father

The statistics are sobering. Study after study demonstrates the possible negative ramifications of a home where there is no father, not to mention homes where a present father is inactive, unconcerned, or worse. As men, we have quite possibly experienced the very scenario that the statistics outline. I do not believe we should allow the statistics to scare us into obedience, but I do think that the statistics should cause some real, devoted reflection on our presence in our home and family.

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Six Simple Sayings

Daddy Discipleship begins with six simple sayings. When spoken to your children daily, and discussed as opportunity provides, these sayings can transform your child’s perspective of who God is and who your child is in the eyes of God. Through a faithful application of the sayings, the child will begin to understand what it is that God desires of him or her and how he or she can bring glory to God through a life which reflects being made in His image.